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LIVIN' ON A PRAYER: americana ficathon

an americana ficathon

Americana: artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. Many kinds of material fall within the definition of Americana: [...] Patriotism and nostalgia play a defining role in the subject. The things involved need not be old, but need to have the appropriate associations.

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." (oscar wilde)

1. Comment with a fandom, subject (character, pairing, etc.), and a prompt.
  • ABOUT PROMPTS: The theme of Americana as defined above is completely up to interpretation. Prompts may be lyrics, quotes, pictures, songs, etc., with some form of American kitsch or callback to an idealized age that never happened - as long you believe it's relevant to the theme, it's good enough. No one is policing prompts.

2. While you're waiting to see if someone will fill your prompt, go fill someone else's! The nature of the beast is that the more people fill, the more people prompt, and vice versa. It also will encourage people to fill your own and it's just a good thing to do.

1. Reply to the prompter's comment with your work, with a first line clearly stating title of work, fandom, character(s), rating. IF THERE IS POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING CONTENT, ALSO INCLUDE [TW: (trigger)] IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
2. Reply here with the same subject line and a link to the comment where your work can be found. It helps me keep track of what has already been filled and makes it easier for people to search for works they would like to view.

All fandoms and all pairings/character combinations are welcome. Feel free to post fic and/or art, although all NSFW art must go behind an external link. Fic must be at least ~50 words long; otherwise there is no word limit.

1. Please don't forget to comment on the "filled" thread!
2. If your first comment box can't fit your entire work, please nest your subsequent comments.
3. Be nice!!! This is just for fun. If you see something you have a huge problem with, PM me and I will investigate it.
4. Anonymous posting is on, as is IP tracking, don't abuse the privilege.

to promote:

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